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Folsom Dam
U.S. Bureau of Reclamation

Principal-in-Charge of the detailed faulting/seismotectonic investigations as part of safety review of the 275-ft high gravity dam built in 1956. Investigations included air-photo lineament analysis, color IR and LANDSAT im-ageries, trenching, mapping, and age dating of the Quaternary deposits overlying the Bear Mountains Fault Zone.

Los Padres Dam
Monterey Peninsula Water Management District

QA/QC and review of the preliminary design and cost estimate for a proposed 282-foot high RCC dam on the Carmel River. Reviewed the field investigations for potential borrow areas, water pressure testing and grouting, geophysical surveys, and engineering geologic mapping. Primary subconsultants were responsible for RCC mix design, stability analysis of the RCC fill, constructibility and construction cost estimates, and fault activity studies. Subcontractors included core and rotary drilling, trenching, geophysical surveys, geo-technical laboratory tests, and RCC mix design tests.

New San Clemente Dam
Monterey Peninsula Water Management District

Principal-in-Charge of the investigations and preliminary design of a new 290-foot high RCC dam downstream of the existing San Clemente dam on the Carmel River. The dam would have created a 30,000 af reservoir inundating the existing San Clemente dam and reservoir. The investigation and design activities included the design of RCC aggregate/ mix, spillway, cost estimates, and placement requirements, just short of preparation of final design drawings, and specification.


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