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Colusa Basin Levee
US Army Corps of Engineers

Project Manager for the investigation of the causes of repeated failures of a 12-mile portion of Colusa Basin Levee and recommendations for mitigating measures. Received commendation letters from the San Francisco Division and Sacramento District of U.S. Army Corps of Engineers noting the work as an "outstanding accomplishment."

CalFed Bay-Delta Program
San Joaquin Delta, California

Evaluation of the geotechnical/seismic fragility of approximately 650 miles of levee (as a member of CAL-FED Committee on Bay-Delta Program).

Old River Intake Structure & Levee Setback
Contra Costa Water District
San Joaquin Delta, California

QA/QC for the geological/geotechnical investigations, development of seismic ground motion spectra, static and seismic designs, and construction monitoring of the Old River intake and pump station and levee setback for the Los Vaqueros project.

Yuba, Feather and Sutter River Levees
US Army Corps of Engineers

Principal-in-Charge for the geotechnical investigations, including drilling and sampling, CPT, field and laboratory testing, and stability analyses of 134 miles of levees for the Sacramento District of the Corps. The levee segments studies included: Levees under jurisdiction of Marysville Levee Commission, Levee Districts No. 1 and 9, Levee Maintenance Areas No. 3, 7, and 16, and Reclamation Districts No. 10 and 784, all along Feather, Yuba and Bear Rivers, Wadsworth Canal, Sutter Bypass, and Honcut Creek and adjacent areas.

San Francisco Bay Shoreline Studies
US Army Corps of Engineers

Principal-in-Charge for the compilation and evaluation of a data base for approximately 350 miles of levees along San Francisco, San Pablo and Suisun Bays, evaluation of their stability conditions and identification of critical areas of levees.

West Levee
US Army Corps of Engineers
Muddy River, Nevada

Project Manager for the preliminary and final designs, plans and specifications for five miles of flood control levee on the lower Muddy River through the communities of Longdale and Overton, Nevada.

Jones Tract Levee Break
East Bay MUD
San Joaquin Delta, California

Project Manager for the consultation regarding levee condition antd potential failure due to piping, erosion and overtopping.

Mokelumne Aqueduct Security Plan
East Bay MUD
San Joaquin Delta, California

Project Manager for the evaluation of hazard exposure costs of the existing water transmission system through San Joaquin Delta; planning studies of alternative mitigation measures in-cluding evaluations of construction costs, repair and maintenance costs, and hazard exposure costs of each proposed mitigation measure.

East Bay MUD Aquaduct Levee Crossings
San Joaquin Delta, California

Project Manager for the investigation of the stability (drilling, CPT, sampling, testing and analyses) of approximately 150 miles of levees near the Mokelumne Aqueduct crossings in the San Joaquin Delta; evaluation of rate of subsidence, potential for failure due to liquefaction (seismic), static, and/or overtopping.

Woodward Island Engineering Studies
East Bay MUD
San Joaquin Delta, California

Project Manager for the evaluation of the stability of levees and aqueducts in Woodward Island development of hazard exposure relationships for the system and recommendation for potential mitigation measures.

Wiskey Pete Water Line
Nipon, California

Preliminary and final design of 14-inch cut-and-cover 12-mile long steel water transmission line for Whiskey Peter recreational development. Services also included terminal treatment and storage facilities.

Dynamic Stability of Mokelumne Aqueducts
East Bay MUD
San Joaquin Delta, California

Project Manager for the dynamic soil-structure interaction analysis of the Mokelumne Aqueduct system in San Joaquin Delta, including evaluation of static and dynamic properties of peat and other soft delta deposits; development of dynamic site properties and analysis of dynamic stresses in the pile foundations and elevated pipelines.

Ahwaz-Sarbandar Aqueduct
Khuzestan Water and Power Authority
Ahwaz, Iran

Project Manager in charge of investi-gation and design of the 85 km long, 264-mgpd trapezoidal aqueduct (3.5m at base and 2m high) between Karun River (near Ahwaz) and the new industrial city of Sarbandar.

Castaic Power Penstocks
Los Angeles Dept of Water and Power

Project Engineer in charge of the following investigations and designs:

  • Performed Menard pressure-meter and plate bearing tests on the Castaic siltstone rock to assess deformation properties and limiting stresses for the final design of surge chamber.
  • Performed rock deformation computations for the excavation of the 1,250 MW capacity pump-storage powerhouse (assessment of rock rebound and recompression due to excavation and subsequent reloading).
  • Performed final design of the support of the bifurcation structure (30-ft diameter Angeles tunnel outlet bifurcating into six 12-ft diameter power penstocks and one 6-ft diameter starter unit penstock). The structural loads due to the penstocks were 22,000kip uplift plus 47,000 kip horizontal load against the steel penstock of Angeles Tunnel.