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Aseismic Design Review of Nuclear Plants
International Atomic Energy Organization

Nominated by the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran and approved by the International Atomic Energy Organization, Dr. Marachi participated as a member of an Ad-Hoc Committee to review the Framatome?s aseismic design of nuclear power plants. The seven member committee also included Professors N. Newmark (University of Illinois), John Lysmer (University of California) and Jack Wolfe of Louzane Polytechnic of Switzerland, to name a few. The main aseismic design principle was to use lead impregnated bronze frictional sheet base isolation system resting on horizontally reinforced neoprene rubber pads. The physical models and 3-D dynamic finite element models and environmental test results and analyses indicated a very high degree of reliability even under extreme loading and environmental conditions (i.e., temperature variations, dust, etc.). The committee subsequently recommended its approval for licensing. These recommendations were adopted by the Organization.

Holister Ranch Nuclear Plant
Southern California Edison
Gaviota, California

Earthquake engineer-member of the team for the site selection/early safety analysis report (ESAR) for the potential nuclear plant (2,000mw LWR) site in Holister Ranch property located 35 miles west of Santa Barbara, California.

Inland Nuclear Plant Siting Studies
Atomic Energy Organization of Iran

Project Manager for a comprehensive study of approximately 6,000,000 acres of western portion of Iran to select 5 alternative sits for installation 2 x 900-mw air-cooled LWR. Also authored nearly 50 percent of the 2000 page report which was formatted in accordance to the requirements of US-NRC.

Karun Nuclear Power Plant
Atomic Energy Organization of Iran
Khuzestan, Iran

Project Manager for the preparation of Section 2-Site Parameters of the Pre-liminary Safety Analysis Report (PSAR) for licensing of 2 x 900 mw LWR units on the Karun River in Southern Iran. The subconsultants who served on this project consisted of Fugro (seismology), Tetratech (domino dam-break analysis), Sargent and Lundy (environmental sampling), and Wimpy Laboratories of UK (cyclic soil testing). The $18M investigation was completed in record time of 18 months and the 8,000-page report was submitted to and approved by the International Atomic Energy Organization. Also assisted and coordinated the submittals of the plant supplier (Framatome of France), the general contractor (Spie Batineau), and their outside consultant (Mecasol).

San Onofre
Southern California Edison
San Onofre, California

In response to NRC concerns regarding fault activity of some of the ?site proximity? faults, participated in a team of specialist to assess and re-evaluate peak ground acceleration criteria (maximum credible and maximum probable accelerations) for the plant.

Saveh Nuclear Power Plant
Atomic Energy Organization of Iran
Saveh, Iran

Principal-in-Charge and task manager seismological (geotechnical) for the preparation of Section 2-Site Pa-rameters, of the PSAR for licensing of 2 x 1200 mw air cooled LWR to be installed by Kraftwerk Union of Germany. Specialty subconsultants consisted of Black and Vetch (environmental sampling) and Shannon & Wilson (tectonics) and Professor Tom McEvilly of University of California (seismology). The project was 75 percent complete when the political ?revolution.? stopped all efforts.

Shiu-Bandar Lengeh Site Section Study

Project Manager for the site selection study of 150 km of Persian Gulf coastline for installation of 2 x 1,200 mw LWR units. The investigation re-port followed US-NRC guidelines for the preparation of ESAR. Three sites were identified and evaluated, and recommended for further development.


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